Building services Engineers


Engineers at the top table

So you’re a client with a large estate served by all sorts of M&E infrastructure that you hope never fails. You pay the energy bills, you’re responsible for your carbon emissions, you see the backlog maintenance costs piling up, you pay a small fortune to maintain non-compliant equipment, and your risk register is getting longer and longer when the CEO tells you they need a new building delivering. You get an Architect on-board. Do you think you should get an engineer on-board too? Psssst ...... the answer is yes!

New Way is run by engineers. Our main passions for business are delivering quality in engineering; reducing a client’s M&E risk profile by showing them what’s around the corner, saving energy and carbon emissions by imparting engineering knowledge and making projects happen.

Dedicated Staff

With New Way you can rely on credible engineers, progressive and respectful in attitude, and vastly experienced in the detail of M&E services. Our team will produce a Scope, arrange a tender, and project manage & administer the delivery contract until the end of the defects liability period.

At New Way M&E is not 'smoke and mirrors' or 'the black art', we work on multiple M&E systems and rely on our team's experience of New building projects; Refurbishments; Small & large plant upgrades; Infrastructure upgrades; Major M&E projects; Programmes of works; Heat Decarbonisation Plans and more. We have experience of working as designers, contractors, consultants.

The team at New Way are encouraged to continuously develop their knowledge and understanding of M&E systems and of the commercial tools available to deliver and manage projects. Our team is familiar with contractual routes to deliver projects whilst managing a client's financial risk. We pride ourselves in making sure our clients crave the value we add again and again.

Passion for detail

We are project managers and building services engineers with a passion and a purpose to: Add value, Save energy, Ensure quality, Raise the M&E risk profile appropriately and manage our clients’ contractual and site risks through skill and experience.

We prioritise quality and judge our success on repeat business. Our progressive attitude is key to our productivity. We develop relationships and maximise productivity by balancing in-person relationships with modern & digital ways of working. Our experience of construction contracts ensures that we get things done.


Our niche is to apply our knowledge and experience of project management and mechanical & electrical engineering to our clients' estates

Engineering Project Management

We make engineering contracts work. We develop contractual scopes and tender packs. We place contracts for delivery. And we administer the contracts, manage the contractors, and report upstream.  Our job is delivered when the kit we’ve overseen the installation of is operational, the defects liability period is over and our client is happy.

Technical Review

We review designs. Whether feasibility studies or designs at RIBA Stage 2/3/4. We make sure risks are identified and suitably mitigated. We manage design teams and ensure sufficient detail is documented before a tender is let. 

NEC Project Supervisor / Clerk of Works

We have in-house accredited NEC Project Supervisors. We ensure installations are as per Scope (contract documents). We witness systems operating and notify Defects. The value we add avoids clients being left with non-operating systems / excessive user complaints / inefficient operation. 


We can produce As Built drawings (layouts and schematics of M&E systems), asset lists, and condition assessments based on site visits (3D scanning techniques) and PPM records. Outputs are unique for each client and can include details of backlog maintenance, non-compliance, forecast costs to repair / replace. Our outputs can be evolved into a tender pack.

Feasibility Studies

We produce studies to identify opportunities for engineering services to save energy and carbon. We add in the engineering infrastructure requirements for projects where we consider the engineering footprint of an estate (not just the building footprint). Our outputs can become the start of a tender pack.

Self-Funding M&E Upgrades

As new equipment becomes more energy efficient, clients have the opportunity to replace their ageing assets and reduce energy demand and carbon emissions simultaneously. We can detail opportunities and calculate potential annual energy savings whilst obtaining funding to deliver upgrades. This can often form part of our Heat Decarbonisation Plans.  

Heat Decarbonisation Plans

Our HDP's review the opportunities available for replacing existing systems and reducing a building's reliance on fossil fuels / non-renewable power. They provide a baseline of information used to establish carbon savings that could be achieved along with indicative costs associated with proposed solutions.

Independent Certifier

We act as Independent Certifier for schools/ hospitals / other buildings (usually engaged on behalf of a PFI ProjectCo). Through regular site inspections and the production of detailed reports we will identify any areas of contract deviation relating to M&E contract documents. We witness and snag prior to handover.